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iMessage on PC – How to Use iMessage on PC

iMessage on PC - How to Use iMessage on PC

As we know people are too-excited to get one of the best end-to-end encrypted messaging services. iMessage on PC is indeed the best for messaging.

iMessage is a messaging service developed by the famous company Apple.Inc. It was released back in 2011 for iPhones, iPads and even Macs. These days everybody loves iPhone or other product by Apple. Most iProduct (products by Apple) use the iMessage service in their devices.

People who use the iMessage service on their iProducts might use windows pc and if they want to text someone they need to use their iProduct every time. But have you ever thought “What if I could use the iMessage service from my own computer?”. Well, it is possible up to some extinct. If you own a MacBook, using the iMessage service is a lot easier. All you gotta do is search for “Messages” app in your Mac and simply just login to the app with your Apple ID having iMessages and boom you’re in. You can read and reply messages from your own PC.

But moving it to the Windows or Linux machine, things get even more complicated if you want to use iMessage on PC. There is no official launch of the iMessage for PC if your operating system is Windows or even Linux. But we got some solutions for you. So read the full article below completely to get an idea of how to use iMessage on PC.

Actually, there are two possible methods to do this on your Windows PC.

Method 1: Using a Mac Virtual Machine:

imessage for mac

Virtual Machine means a system architecture that is provided with a virtual environment to use a particular operating system with the available hardware resources. It is the emulation of a particular operating system inside a virtual environment.

To use this method, you need to download software like Virtual Box (free and open source) or VMware Workstation(paid) which allows us to create virtual machines to use our hardware resources. After you’ve installed the software provided, you need to get an iso image of the Mac OS which is OS X Mountain Lion or later versions. You can search for Mac OS iso yourself. You can download the Mac Os Sierra 10.12 iso from here

In order to install Mac Os on your computer, you need to have at least 6-8 GB RAM and a lot of space. But installing Mac Os on your PC requires a lot of patience and knowledge and it is a tedious job. So if you do not know how to install Mac OS as your virtual machine don’t worry I’ll write an article about it soon. Still, you can try out some of the tutorials from youtube and other blogs.

After you’ve installed Mac Os successfully on your PC, you can search for “messages” app and log in using your Apple ID and get all your messages. If you do not have the messages app you can search for it in the store and install it.
This process is easy after you’ve installed Mac OS, only installing the Mac Os the difficult part. But still, you can give it a shot.

Method 2: Using Mac OS if you have it already:

imessage on pc

This method is for those people who already have both Mac OS and Windows but uses Windows most of the time. Well, this method is suitable if you have Mac on home or Mac at your office. All you gotta do is connect the windows with your Mac with the help of software/extensions like Chrome Remote Desktop, Team Viewer, and AnyDesk. But you need to install these softwares on both the computers with Mac and Windows for this method to work.

After you’ve connected your Mac and Windows remotely you can login to the messages app if you haven’t and use the iMessage right from your Windows Pc.

But remember, your Mac needs to be running everytime you want to use iMessage.

Method 3: Using a Jailbroken iProduct:

iMessage on PC

Jailbreaking means removing restrictions imposed by Apple on its software through a series of kernel patches. After you have jailbroken your device, you get root access to your iOS so you can download additional applications and themes or extensions that aren’t officially available at the Appstore. It means you’re installing a modified version of the iOS but with new cool features and a special ability to customize things in your desired way.

But Personally, I don’t recommend jailbreaking your iProduct(iPhones,iPads,iPods) because it voids your warranty and you can hard-brick your phone making it unusable forever.

If you got the guts to jailbreak your phone still after you heard you can brick your phone then you may wish to continue. I recommend you to keep a backup of all of your data before proceeding to jailbreak. After that, you can download the jailbreaking software and follow the instructions of the software to successfully jailbreak your device.
After Jailbreak, you get access to Cydia which is the jailbroken app store. In Cydia, you can find a paid app called “Remote Messages” so you can download the app. This app allows us to use iMessages on our PC.

After installation, you can set authentication credentials which you’ll require later. Now note down the IP address of your device and add “:333” after the IP address in your browser. Now you’ll be asked for authentication so enter the credentials and BOOM you just got access to your iMessages on your PC.


Since iMessaging isn’t officially available for Windows PC, the methods are pretty tough to imply and needs a lots of time. So you can try out only if you donot fear the loss of your device.

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