4 Features that Make VPS Hosting the Right Choice for You

Choosing the right web hosting service is an important step for making your website successful. Hosting Companies offer several types of hosting services in India with each one having its pros and cons, suitable for different sizes of businesses. While beginners or small businesses prefer affordable shared hosting plans, big companies and commercial websites opt for dedicated server hosting.

VPS hosting is a hybrid form of hosting that is suitable for businesses looking for customised solutions while willing to pay a little more than the shared hosting plans. Let us find out more about VPS hosting in India and why it is a good choice.

VPS Hosting: Offers Dedicated Server Setting

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting has been created for growing businesses looking for specific resources and space to host their websites without paying a hefty price.  It is the stepping stone for shared hosting users looking for better performance and dedicated resources.

This type of hosting involves using a parent server to host several virtual servers separated from each other. The separation is done via a software called hypervisor and allows each user to install its own operating system and software. Each user has a separate virtual server with their own operating system and software.  Each virtual server is allotted a certain portion of the physical server’s memory and storage resources.

1.    Allows Customisation

Since the main server is divided into different compartments for the exclusive use of various clients, there is scope for customisation. Each user can install the operating system and software according to its preference.


2.    Cheaper Than Dedicated Hosting

The cost of VPS hosting plans is much lower than the dedicated server option, since users have to pay only for the bandwidth and storage used by them.

3.    Reliable Performance and Security

Since each user has its own virtual private server and dedicated resources, its performance is not affected by the usage of resources by other users. Isolation of each virtual private server makes it more secure and protects it from any kind of vulnerabilities on websites being hosted on other virtual private servers.

4.    Root Access

VPS hosting providers in India offer the users root access to the server thereby giving them the freedom to install apps and software besides making environment changes as per their convenience and requirements.

When to Choose VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is highly suitable for shared hosting users who are looking for consistent performance, root access for specific web applications, more server resources and cPanel accounts. Again, many businesses wanting a dedicated server, choose VPS hosting for its cost effectiveness and technical support from the hosting company.

VPS hosting in India can be managed or unmanaged. In the case of unmanaged hosting users are responsible for installing software and taking care of updates, monitoring security threats and installing security patches. The responsibility of taking backups also lies with the users with the hosting company offering little support. This option is recommended for site owners having a technical background.

The other option is managed VPS hosting wherein the hosting companies take the full responsibility of setting up and managing the server. Issues like software updates and security patches are also taken care of by the hosting provider.

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