4 Key Features That Have Made Weebly eComm a Market Leading Online Product!

The eCommerce platform Weebly is ideal for small to medium sized online stores. One of the main attractions to this platform is that it is not complicated to setup and maintain. This is music to the ears for beginners or people that don’t want to spend too much time with the technicalities.  

There are a few packages available and the online store is part of all of them, this means that you can create an online store completely for free. If you purchase a plan then that will remove the ads and you can customise your domain name. 

We are going to have a look in more detail 4 key features that have made Weebly eCommerce a market leading online product.

  1. Ease of Use

Mentioned before was the lack of complication when using this platform. It is structured well, has a smooth backend design which offers a comfortable managing experience of the online store. When using it on a mobile phone or tablet, it is equally as easy as it is simplistic, yet, professional. The search engine optimiser titles can be edited, along with all product URLs and descriptions.   

  1. Basic Functions

There are no problems with the basic functions on Weebly. You can add images, videos and many other things with the least amount of difficulty. It is flexible in terms of customising colours and sizes, and adding upgrades and products. Using a star-system method, you can ask your customers to give a rating or review of the product that they have bought. This is powerful as it is like free advertsing of your product – word of mouth. You don’t have to publish the review; the choice is yours. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising, that’s why the ‘automatic reminder’ function to customers is a powerful asset.

  1. Checkout, Payment & Shipping

Weebly has flexible online payments, there are a few online payment options like Paypal and Stripe. This is beneficial to the customer as it reduces the chance of fraud because of the security measures in place with online payments. There are no added transfer fees with Weebly which satisfies the more cost-conscious customer. There are a few coupon and gift card options: percentage offers, free delivery and fixed price. If not using a promotion, there are several shipping options. Payment must always be done online. 

  1. Backend

Every item will be assigned an ID, this will help with the overall management and traceability. Several different email options including themes and customisation of templates. Weebly offers a lot of free advertising opportunity, so feel free to add your logo as many times as you like throughout the buying process. Continuing the theme of simplicity, importing product information is made easy with several options; Etsy, Shopify, Square and CSV-file. Google Analytics can be added for free. Finally, the customer will receive strong support with their order. Conversion rates explained, live chat, email and telephone to answer any query. 

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