6 Types of Intellectual Property Protection

One of the major problems you will face as a designer, content creator, developer, author, or inventor is intellectual property theft. The world hasn’t exactly been in the honest and safest place because other people are out there to benefit from your ideas. They steal your content or ideas and profit off you. 

This issue has caused other problems, including the loss of lives. However, there are new strategies in place for intellectual property protection. Once you have one that describes or fits perfectly into your category of skills or ideas, no one will be able to mess with your ideas anymore. 

What are the Top 6 Intellectual Property Protection Rights?

Check out the various property rights below, depending on the intellectual services you offer. 

  • Patents 

The intellectual property rights designed solely for inventors is the patents. It is a form of protection of new technical products or processes to ensure that other individuals or corporations unlawfully use them. Having a patent is so much easy – all you need is an agent. 

  • Copyright

Copyright is used to protect an author’s content in Arts, Business, Science, or Literature. According to the Copyright Act, it is an automatic right established from the originality of a person’s content. 

  • Trademarks

Like the Copyright, Trademarks are used on products or services to describe originality and protect the brand. That means another brand or company is not allowed to copy this brand’s logo or design. Any new business startup needs to register a trademark to provide the protection needed against piracy or theft. 

  • Database Rights

In the digital world, the collection of data is a regular thing to do. However, having database rights is important to protect the databases collecting ordered data. This action is in accordance with the Databases Legal Protection Act against data theft. 

  • Neighboring Rights 

Neighboring Rights also called “Related Rights” is designed to protect the intellectual suggestions, ideas, or work of movie and music producers, performers, entertainers, and broadcasting companies. It is almost like the Copyright. 

  • Design Rights

Synonymous to the Patents is the Design Rights. It is an intellectual protection right to protect designers that offer new two- or three-dimensional product designs for textiles, interior décor, and household items. 

If you look closely at the above protection property rights, you will notice that all they ever want to do is protect your idea and business. So, depending on which applies to you, it would be best to do right for your brand or ideas. 

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