A basic introduction to servers and their types

A software or a hardware device responds to any request made by a client. The computer system, usually, receives the request for a web document, to which, it responds by giving the required information to the client. A client, basically, sets up a server if he wants to have access to a network. The client can also perform intense calculations. When anyone uses the internet, the computer is constantly connecting to servers from anywhere in the world. There are many companies that offer cheap and reliable hosting, including web hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. One such company is THCServers.

There are different kinds of servers for different activities. Web servers are for getting access to a website. Mail servers allow the client to send and receive e-mails. File servers help the client to gain access to the files that are stored separately.

Types of servers:

Dedicated servers

  • Dedicated servers consist of a single computer in the network reserved for the specific needs of the clients.
  • These are the physical servers that host services to a single client. 
  • These servers, normally, host high traffic websites. 
  • Dedicated servers have strong security features. 
  • These servers are most suitable to use when there is an immediate rise in traffic on a website.
  • This option can be considered to write personal blogs or when the client has to get involved in small businesses.
  • Confidential e-mails, credit card numbers and other important information can be kept secured using these servers. 

Virtual private servers

  • These are servers that are installed on a physical computer running multiple programs.
  • This server consists of web server software, a mail severs program, a file transfer protocol program, and different types of application software.
  • The main use of VPA is that it allows the user to install any kind of software. 
  • This server is mostly used when the user does not want to share all server resources with other websites.
  • This is option users prefer to host web files online at an inexpensive price.

Cloud servers

  • These servers have all the capabilities of on-premises servers. 
  • These are preferred by the clients who wish to store large volumes of information. 
  • These are used to handle extensive workloads.
  • These are cost-effective, since, clients do not have to pay extra for server hardware maintenance. They only pay for what they need.
  • The computing and storage feature of the servers can be used to meet the continuously changing needs. Cloud servers can be physical as well as virtual.

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