Cable TV – Don’t Cut the Cord Just Yet

There are limitless possibilities of accessing entertainment anywhere in the world now. While previously, you only had the option of turning to your cable TV services to get your daily dose of fun, now you have facilities such as streaming services, smartphone apps, and more to help you pass the time.

That being said, cable TV technology is not that old-school anymore either. The technology has significantly grown and is still a worthy option for accessing your favorite TV shows and movies at home.

Thus, we are here to tell you that do not cut the cord just yet; there are still some pretty nifty features that cable TV still has to offer and which still give it an edge over other entertainment options. Let’s have a look.

What is Cord-Cutting?

Before we start explaining though, let us tell you what exactly is cord-cutting. Simply put, cord-cutting means to let go of your cable TV subscription completely and rely on other forms of entertainment such as the online streaming platforms that we see today.

People often decide to cut the cord when they think that they are only wasting their money when they pay for cable TV subscriptions when everything could be accessed online. But is that really true? Let us help you find out.

Why Should You Not Cut the Cord?

If you are still confused about whether or not to unsubscribe to your cable TV service, simply consider the following factors and make a thoroughly informed decision.

No Need to Depend on the Internet

What makes cable TV so great is that it does not rely on the internet whatsoever. Whether the internet is working or not, it is slowing down or speeding up, cable TV is completely independent of them.

Moreover, unlike the internet that fails you when too many users are connected to the network, cable TV can perform smoothly no matter how many people are watching cable. You won’t even have to suffer through the buffer during critical moments of your favorite TV shows.

Access to Live Sports

Especially, if you are a sports fanatic, cutting the cord will probably be the biggest mistake you can make. While you may be tempted to switch over dedicated sports streaming platforms like ESPN+, they simply will not make up for the loss you will face by letting go of live sports.

While these platforms may offer a mediocre selection of sporting events, you still will not be able to enjoy your weekly NBA games like you used to. Cable TV will still have the upper hand.

Great Bundling Options

Keeping your cable TV services also gives you the opportunity to make the most of amazing bundle deals from your TV service providers. There are several exceptional service providers like Optimum TV that offer amazing internet and phone services as well to their subscribers. And by getting all those services from a single service provider, you would be better able to negotiate the price you are willing to pay.

A Single Streaming Service Will Never Be Enough

Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix may offer a rich selection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries to watch, but you would need to subscribe to a different streaming service for the type of content you are interested in watching.

Let’s say you want to watch DC’s Titans. While the show was previously a part of the Netflix family, now it has moved on to HBO Max. Are you really willing to subscribe to a new streaming service every time your favorite show leaves the service? Think about that.

A Vibrant Collection of Channels

While the streaming services may offer a selected number of TV shows and movies for you to enjoy, a cable TV service offers more. With cable TV, you can enjoy a plethora of exciting genres and channels. Whether it is sports, news, comedy, action, thriller, or any other genre, there is always a channel on cable for it.

Cable TV Service Providers to Consider

All of that being said, it is only fair that we also tell you about some of the cable TV service providers that you could opt for. Here they are:


Optimum TV is one of the finest cable TV services available in the United States. With a rich channel lineup, amazing value-adding features, and appealing bundling options, the service provider is more than a worthy candidate.


Next, you have Spectrum TV with over 200 remarkable TV channels in its Gold plan, the service has won the hearts of millions across the country. Furthermore, the service offers numerous additional features like a money-back guarantee, parental control features, and an on-screen TV guide that are bound to pique your interest.


The third cable TV service provider we have for you is Xfinity. Xfinity also offers a rich channel lineup, amazing additional features, and remarkable customer service, all of which make it a wise choice to subscribe to.

All in All

These are only some of the benefits that cable TV has to offer in your life. And if we were successful in convincing you of the importance of a cable TV subscription then you will definitely need to visit BuyTVInternetPhone to grab your cable TV subscriptions right away. 

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