Copshop Thought After Watching The Film

The cunning liar Teddy moretto (Frank greero) drives the bullet filled crown Vick in the Nevada desert. In order to avoid the killer Bob Vidic (Gerald Butler), he makes a plan: attack the fledgling police officer Valerie young (Alexis Lloyd), and make him arrest and detain himself in the town police station. However, it is clear that the prison cannot protect moretto for a long time. Vidic also entered the detention center by plotting to find and complete the assassination task. Click here to watch Copshop movie online free, and you can also watch Thriller Movie Full HD 4K.

Introduction to Copshop’s Plot

The cunning liar Teddy moretto (Frank Grillo) wears a bullet flying crown and Vick screams in the Nevada desert. He plans a desperate plan to avoid the deadly killer Bob Vidic (Gerald Butler): he punches the rookie police officer Valerie young (Alexis Lauder) with a sucker, and makes himself arrested and detained in a small town police station. But the prison can’t protect moretto for long. Vidic plans to be detained in his own way and wait in a nearby cell until he finishes his task. When the arrival of a rival Assassin (Toby HUS) caused total chaos, more and more threats forced Vidic to be creative if he wanted to complete the task and escape from the explosive situation.

Copshop Review

The lineup, shooting, performance and rhythm are actually very good, but the overall feeling after watching is almost meaningful. The director obviously wants to make a conventional crime story more refined, richer in content and more artistic, but the effect is obviously not achieved. It is said that it is a cool film in the style of “fall”, and it also makes some connotation scenes. It’s a feature film, but it’s actually a gunfight film.

What can be compared is the Cohen brothers’ no country for old people, which is a loyal good policeman + an evil abnormal killer + a target. The Cohen brothers use black realism to show the cruelty of human nature and reality. Each frame of picture and each line are elaborately conceived and meaningful, so that the audience is constantly impacted and abused.

The characters of this film are still very good after they appear. When black female police officers, killers and target characters are trapped in cages, abnormal killers can break in at any time. The preparation is wonderful enough, and everyone thinks it is a great work. Then he was suddenly discouraged and fell into the stereotype. All kinds of coincidences, the female police opened, and justice triumphed over evil.

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