HONOR Speaker with High Cost Performance

With the continuous development of science and technology, Bluetooth speaker design is getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, the functions are becoming more and more powerful and convenient. Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth connection instead of traditional cable connection. Users can avoid annoying wire. Because of its convenience, Bluetooth speakers were popular when they were born. Nowadays, users can connect Bluetooth speakers to relax in music or movies. HONOR Mini Speaker is popular due to their ultra-small size. It has excellent sound quality and price. Let’s take a look at its wonderful design and performance.

First of all, HONOR Bluetooth Speaker Packaging Box is simple and energetic with youthful elements. It feels very novel when you get it. This speaker is small, only 54*55*55 mm and weighs about 120 g. The outside uses silicone sleeve, which makes people comfortable and enjoyable. The silicone sleeve is conducive to protecting the sound box. Side corner openings can be hung up with random attached woven ropes. It is more convenient to carry.

Bluetooth speaker connection is very simple. You press and hold the start key for 2 seconds, the indicator light will turn blue and turn on. You can use your mobile phone to turn on Bluetooth search and connect. You can play wonderful music. It supports one-touch Bluetooth calls. When a person listens to a song at home with a Bluetooth speaker connected, the most annoying thing is probably a sudden phone call. The ringtone play at an unpredictable volume. You may not be next to the phone. You need to touch the screen to answer the phone. HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker obviously takes this problem into account. When incoming calls appear, users can answer the call by pressing the function key. Users can reject the call by pressing the function key for a long time. You can press the function key briefly during the call to mute or cancel the mute. You can press the function key for a long time to hang up after the call is over.

In fact, this function is not limited to ordinary calls. It is applicable to some special scenes that are not convenient for using phones. Such as voice meetings or driving.

HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker is impressive because of its exquisite appearance. The size that can be held by one hand. It can be used as an ornament in one corner of the table when not in use.

The maximum sound of 84 decibels is loud enough. The sound quality can be adjusted to below 70 decibels, which is most suitable for human ears. It supports one-touch answering and dual-combination stereo. it can also be used to answer phone calls or act as a home theater.

The design of the independent bass diaphragm makes its bass performance quite excellent. Its exquisite figure ensures the sound quality to the greatest extent, which cannot be achieved by products with the same price.

HONOR Mini Speaker is such a product with simple appearance but rich functions.

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