LTE Technology On The iPhone 5?

We all thought that the elusive iPhone 5 was coming to us last year. Instead, we were given the refreshed iPhone 4 in the iPhone 4S. There’s nothing bad about getting the best iPhone to date, but its successor is definitely something that we are all looking forward to have. The good thing is that we will be seeing the release of the elusive iPhone 5 this year. It is expected to land in stores either this September or October. This is something new for Apple, if you can remember all of the iPhone models (excluding the 4S) have been released mostly in the Summer time. Releasing the 5th generation iPhone this fall is something new.

You simply can’t stop iPhone fanatics in asking things about the latest iPhone. All we know at this very moment is a little bit of information and mostly rumors about its specs and features. This is how Apple wants it. The suspense will truly make the long wait all worth it. The endless rumors surrounding this famous (yet to be released) iPhone makes you smile in anticipation.

They say that on top of the phone’s new battery, we will also receive a bigger iPhone screen. It is said to feature the greatest and latest Wi-Fi technology (the 4G LTE). If you are familiar with the latest iPad, then you know what the LTE technology can offer you. That very same technology is expected to grow this year.

What is LTE technology? It basically stands for Long Term Evolution. It is a standard protocol for wireless technology. Hence, we mentioned the word Wi-Fi earlier. It is also referred to as the “4G” technology. It basically uses the same components found in 3G technology but it is way ahead of it. The LTE is a communication protocol. It means that networks all throughout the globe must adopt it. Today, LTE is found mostly in Canada and America. Hopefully the rest of the globe will get this amazing technology.

Now, let us talk about the special traits of LTE technology. To make it simple let us put it this way. This allows mobile phones to communicate on the same frequency rate. It is also a way to improve communication. For example, when you are connected to a certain LTE network, you will be able to experience improved speed as opposed to being on a 3G or 4G speed only. If you love the speed of your phone now, then wait until you get this technology on the iPhone 5.

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