Practical Methods To Take Care Of Your Hardware

Follow these simple and practical recommendations, and we are sure that your computer will last you for a long time. So, if you have to change it, let it be for pleasure. Let’s see how to take care of the health of your computer.


Unlike software, hardware such as Cisco Meraki MX84 for example is the PC part that is made up of only physical elements. The maintenance of the components of a computer is just as essential as the maintenance of the software. In each case, certain recommendations can be followed to ensure the well-being and durability of our PC. Taking care of the health of your computer also involves keeping the hardware in optimal condition.

Take Care Of The Ventilation System

Particles in the air are made up of tiny specks of dust that we may not perceive but eventually end up in the computer’s ventilation systems. Therefore, if you use a laptop, it is advisable to use support with lower fans and various positions to avoid resting it on tables, tablecloths, or cushions that can collapse the air inlets causing poor cooling and overheating of the device. If your computer is a desktop computer, try to keep it in a clean space and, periodically, it would be advisable to take the tower to a professional who knows how to open it and clean the components with compressed air.

Protect It Against Power Surges Or Dips

A smart measure filters the flow of energy between the electrical current and your PC. For this, there have been devices called uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for a long time. These devices, used mainly by the business sector, are connected directly to the current and function as an “intermediary” regulating voltage peaks, avoiding equipment blackouts thanks to its battery, etc.

Although it is a “company” product, the truth is that having a UPS at home can prevent a storm from burning our computer.

Be Careful With The Blows!

At this point, we will not get involved much. We know that it sounds obvious to say it but, the blows for any electronic device are fatal. And it doesn’t have to be a hit from the third floor; a small trip with it and the interior components can lose the connection between them, causing some of their functions to stop working correctly.

Heat And Computing Don’t Get Along Very Well

Computer systems and electronic devices, in general, do not withstand heat well. Depending on the area of ​​the world in which you live, temperatures in summer can be very high, leading to overheating that can end up melting half the system. Therefore, another way to take care of the health of your PC is to keep it in a room with a temperature lower than the outside temperature and without moving it too much from its place.

Liquids, Better Away

Electronic devices, in general, do not tolerate humidity very well. There are very frequent cases where you work with a computer, and the user drops a coffee on the keyboard. Automatically, the PC is short-circuited, and it is undoubtedly impossible to repair it without changing some of its elements.  It is best to act with caution and choose to move any liquid away from our desk to avoid mishaps.

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