SEO Strategies for Healthcare to Improve Website Ranking

SEO Strategies for Healthcare to Improve Website Ranking

A healthcare professional can build a beautiful website that resonates with patients and potential patients alike, all while offering pertinent information and streamlining your practices. However, none of that matters if the website goes unviewed.

If you aren’t an internet marketing expert, you might struggle with driving more traffic to your website. Old-fashioned methods, such as print ads and billboards, don’t inspire online traffic. And many patients don’t bother taking the standard business card anymore. How can a medical website boost its visibility?

Healthcare SEO Strategies

SEO, short for search engine optimization, refers to various strategies that catch the attention of Google and potential patients. The most effective way to significantly increase traffic for a medical website is through healthcare SEO. The goal is for your website to be at the top of the list when a patient or potential patient searches.

Implementing SEO tips for healthcare practices might sound complicated at first, but it can be done using some simple strategies.

Select Keywords

The first step is to define the keywords that best connect the target audience to the healthcare website. These keywords can include the location of the practice and nearby areas to increase local visibility. From there, evaluate the potential keywords. Since overusing keywords results in Google penalties, you want to focus on those that are low competition but frequently searched for.

Use Original, High-Quality Content

A successful website keeps its content original; plagiarism can get your site blacklisted. Investing in original content that includes keywords is an effective strategy to climb the ranks because search engines use algorithms to prioritize content that is original, engaging, and high-quality.

Diversify Your Media

The next SEO strategy for healthcare is to use more than one type of media. A search engine does not only search for text; it also searches for images, videos, news, and even places. Again, it is imperative to keep this content original. Additionally, images and videos should be related to the text content.

Don’t Neglect Your Meta

The strategy SEO for medical practices is a bit more technical. It is related to the code embedded within the site; this code includes something called metatags, which are basically invisible keywords. The keywords that were defined and tested in the earlier stages of the SEO process need to be included in the HTML code to further bump the website up the ranks.

Of course, if you are a bit busy with your practice—and you no doubt are—it might be easier to outsource your SEO. For this, turn to Sequence Health.

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