Top 5 Open source low code app development platform-tools

Technology is progressing with the speed of light. In some terms, everything is getting complicated but at the same time, striving for ease is there too. Open source low code app development platform tools are part of making technology easy. App development is generally a very complicated process. The reason is that app developers charge a lot. However, not everyone affords a full-fledged app.

Open source low code app development platform-tools come to the rescue and app making becomes a much easier job. Here are five top open source low code app development platform-tools.

  1. 1. Huginn

Huginn is one of the top Open source low code app development platform-tools. Over the years, it has developed a very loyal user community. Users have given it over thirty thousand stars on Github. These reviews show the credibility of this platform. This low code app developer allows people to make apps very easily.

2. Budibase

If you want to make an application for your business then Budibase should be your choice. This low code app developer has gained more than thirty thousand downloads in six months. This low code programmer is heaven for the people who want to work on multiple things at one time. It provides many features. Users are loving it so far and looking forward to some updates.

3. WordPress

Coming to the most famous low code app development platform. This platform is already behind 41 percent of websites. It facilitates you with websites and apps without developing any code. You can modify the templates with designs and make them your own. The simplicity of the low key developer has made it extremely popular. It has gained the position of leader in this field because of its popularity.

4. PyCaret

Like every low code developer, PyCaret has its specialty too. It is suited best to scientists that work on huge data. This low code developer is a little more complicated than other platforms. You need to have a little background knowledge of development to be able to use this platform. However, it takes far less time in making than other low code developers.

5. Node-Red

This low code programming platform is a great place for connecting different services. It has a very active community of users and is very regularly updated too. It can make apps for android and few other platforms. It helps app and web users navigate through the internet very easily.

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