What functions does LoRa gateway play in IoT?

A technology offering benefits as many as – a long-range, low power as well as safety data transmission for the Internet of Things apps, certainly, seems unimaginable in physical terms. What if we were to tell you that this technology has already been launched and is very relevant in the contemporary globalised world. Allow us to introduce you to LoRa gateway. LoRa gateway provides a safe and secure transfer of data for M2M as well as for IoT applications.  

What is the LoRa gateway based on?

It’s quite simple to answer this question as of today. To begin with, LoRa is based on CSS modulation, also referred to as, Chirp Spread Spectrum modulation. It is also true that it has lesser power characteristics just like the FSK modification. The only difference is that it can be easily used for long-range communications as well. 


The LoRa gateway fulfils numerous functions and responsibilities. Some of them are listed here in our blog.

It can be even utilised for the connection purposes of sensors, gateways, devices, machines and so on. All of this is connected to the cloud without any source of wires. LoRa gateway allows the operator of an Internet of Things network to trade and communicate data rate for enhanced power and spectrum for optimization of the networks which is merely performance-based. 

LoRa gateway gives a huge number of features and functions for the IoT (Internet of things) applications, just as mentioned earlier. These include:

  • a long-range
  • low power consumption
  • safe and secure data transmission.

It connects devices to the Cloud and is extremely flexible for indoor utilisation instances. This may include agriculture, cities, industrial IoT (also called IIoT), smart homes, and not to mention the very obvious – smart supply chain and logistics.

Another very important and famous function that it performs is its enormously long range and its low power usage. Very skillfully it manoeuvres to leave protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth way behind in the journey. They fail to come close to this ground. 

It also allows you to equip a device and not be concerned about the battery for many days, even years. This appears as quite beneficial to the consumers. One can use the battery and not worry about it for an uncountable number of days, in short, as many as they wish. 


It is essential to understand that once the context of area and region changes, the LoRa gateway would work in a certain frequency band. Simply put, it works with a certain frequency band in a certain region. 

There can be endless examples to support the statement written above. 

It works in a frequency band of 915 MHz in the US, whereas, in Europe, it uses a frequency band of 868 MHz. The frequency band that it operates in Asia varies from 865 MHz to 867 MHz, and 920 MHz to 923 MHz. 


The technology of LoRa gateway was initially formulated by a company called Cycleo. It is a French-based company and was further acquired by Semtech 10 years back in the year 2012. 

The founding member of LoRa was Semtech. Today, it is regarded as the governing body of LoRa technology. 

One of the many rapidly and swiftly enhancing alliances of technology is, beyond any doubt, LoRa. 

Not to mention, it is a non-profit association. It contains more than five hundred member companies. It is committed to utilising large scale deployment of LPWAN which is short for Low Power Wide Area Networks. 

Swisscom LoRaWAN

Swisscom is regarded as one of the most sustainable as well as creative companies in Switzerland. It has more than 19,000 employees working under it. It is also functional in Italy. Swisscom LoRaWAN offers a fast, sustainable and secure network and the highest bandwidths in Switzerland along with a significant mobile network. 


The basic use of the LoRa gateway is to power the wireless modulation. This way it establishes a broad range of communication among devices. 

The Swisscom LoRaWAN offers several features, as mentioned above. They include Modulation, Capacity, Battery, Security, Sustainability, Long-range, Low Power and many more. 

It curtails the investment that goes into infrastructure too. This is also coming from the fact that it helps reduce the costs that go on replacing the batteries. Swisscom LoRaWAN, beyond doubt, is and always has been everyone’s first choice when it comes to this field. It doesn’t let the consumers second guess their decisions and always works with extreme certainty and security.

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