CV or curriculum vitae can be explained as a summary of an individual’s skills, experiences and qualifications. The term is a Latin word that translates as “the course of one’s life”. A cv demands calculated briefness because let’s be realistic no one spares more than a moment necessary to read it which is also depended on what the recruiter is looking for.

What is the use of a cv?

The aim of having a well written and articulated cv is to give any prospective employer a summary of your knowledge, experiences with different companies who you have worked for before and career history of your past achievements as a role player. A cv also enlist a person’s personal interests in the best to reach a good impression over the reader quickly. Therefore, to say the least, as well-formed cv can become a powerful sales tool that will highlight the best parts of you for that role, at the same time eliminating all the unnecessary details.

What does a cv contain?

The cv needs to have a list of all your contact details such as email or phone number, education and career history that includes all the achievements you’ve gathered on a role. Candidates can also include their profile which mentions what one has achieved over a lifetime and what kind of a person one is.

Finding competent services to create a cv online.

Creating a cv can be a time-consuming job and even then, one can’t be sure if it is as accurate. This is many online companies have launched services that are experts at making cv[pembuatan cv, which is the term in Indonesian] according to an individual’s requirement. In Indonesia, fastwork is one such company that excels at providing professional who create suitable cv for their customers making the entire process hassle-free

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