3 Important Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

While having a known person like, say, a family member care for your pets might seem convenient, there are numerous compelling reasons why hiring a professional to provide in-home care for your beloved furry companion is recommended.

In case a dog ingests something inappropriate, like a sock, toy, or other swallowable objects, the optimal approach to safeguard the dog’s well-being is to trigger vomiting. This is merely among the numerous skills a pet sitter possesses that your neighbor or trusted friend might lack.

They will have the expertise and experience to tackle pets in different situations. While you leave your pet under their custody, consider being equipped with pet insurance so your pet has basic medical cover at all times.

Pet insurance for dogs allows you to provide your pupper with quality medical care with minor financial implications, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn some essential reasons to hire a professional pet sitter.

Reason #1

When considering their services, it’s crucial to inquire about a proficient pet sitter’s comprehensive insurance coverage. This is especially vital for your dog’s well-being. In the event of any mishap, the insurance would shoulder the expenses. Furthermore, it safeguards your home – many pet sitter insurances extend coverage to the property where they stay. With this assurance, you can fully enjoy your time outside the home, knowing your cherished companion and your residence are secure.

Reason #2

Ensuring the individual caring for your pet is certified in pet first aid is crucial. In times of emergency, having someone knowledgeable on hand is imperative. A certified pet sitter is equipped to perform essential actions like vomiting induction, wound bandaging, early symptom detection, the Puppy Heimlich, and CPR. Also, administering medications can be within their capabilities, and any competent pet sitter should possess a fundamental understanding of proper dosages and types of medications.

Reason #3

A legally binding contract carries weight in a court of law. An effective contract should encompass these elements –

  • Owner’s details
  • Pet’s particulars and schedule
  • Emergency contacts
  • Veterinarian details, along with a clause granting the pet sitter authorization to seek emergency care after regular hours
  • Food/medication allergies
  • Medical history
  • Regular medication details in case of senior pets or pets suffering from chronic illnesses
  • Payment arrangement
  • Agreed-upon dates and times
  • Liability provision

The pet sitter formulates the contract for their safeguard, yet it equally safeguards you. This contract’s validity becomes crucial if any aspect isn’t executed as agreed. Some pet sitters may neglect their responsibilities, but a robust contract shields all parties involved.

Hiring a professional pet sitter helps ensure your puppy receives expert care and quick emergency response. A certified sitter administers medications accurately, drafts a comprehensive contract, and upholds legal obligations.

This professional safeguard guarantees your dog’s well-being, offers peace of mind, and helps avoid potential mishaps or disputes, which may not be possible when you leave your pet under a friendly neighbor or relative’s supervision.

It is advisable to get a professional on board and consider being equipped with pet insurance so your pet is covered for basic health benefits during your absence as much as in your presence. Contemplate purchasing pet insurance for dogs so that unplanned vet costs are not a significant financial burden.

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